Phoenix XDECK is a unique decking system made of extruded porcelain decking tiles. Thanks to the characteristics of the porcelain decking, it is perfect for use outdoors in places where exposure to damp would be a problem for wood, resin, plastic or other materials typically used in exterior flooring and paving. What is more, its high mechanical resistance, high breaking strength and resistance to abrasion make it ideal for places subject to high pedestrian traffic. Because XDECK is fire resistant, it is both safe and unalterable in extreme heat and naked flames. It is also resistant to frost and ice due to its almost zero water absorption. The system’s resistance to temperature changes means that it can withstand sharp differences in temperature without becoming deformed due to expansion.

Class A1 Fire-Rated

The XDECK system has ​Fire Classifications of A1 and A2FL-S1 resistant to fire and other temperature changes, like frost and ice. Furthermore, its screw-free installation system avoids possible water leaks on terraces and flat roofs.

The Collection - Full Boards

XDECK porcelain decking tile boards are available in a range of elegant real woodgrain styles. The boards can easily be cut and worked with using standard tools.

Dimensions: 1202 x 145 x 26 mm

Limed Oak
Dimensions: 1202 x 145 x 26 mm

Dimensions: 1202 x 145 x 26 mm

Natural Oak
Dimensions: 1202 x 145 x 26 mm

Dimensions: 1202 x 145 x 26 mm


XDECK is raised flooring made from extruded porcelain decking tile boards. With an exclusive assembly system designed for quick and flexible laying for an easy-to-install porcelain tile deck without any specific tools.

XDECK also offers the advantages of a floating floor system, allowing for individual tiles to be removed, making access to the area underneath very easy when needing to service pipes, wiring etc.

One of its most outstanding technical characteristics is its anti-slip properties, even when wet, as well as its mechanical and abrasion resistance.

With the natural look of wood, yet none of the constant and costly maintenance of real wood. XDECK porcelain decking tiles have been launched onto the market with a range of styles inspired by wood in five tones (Ebony, Limed Oak, Grey, Natural Oak & Walnut). The modern style ​fits perfectly with any space; combining aesthetics, resistance and durability with easy assembly and maintenance.


A product with a very high breaking strength and outstanding resistance to surface abrasion.


Top-quality extruded porcelain tile decking material, guaranteeing a high breaking strength and resistance to ultra-violet rays. These properties make XDECK unalterable over time.


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