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Granite paving tile with a unique fixing channel on all four side.

100% Solid Natural stone giving GTILE a Class A1 fire rating.

The Collection

3 standard elegant granite colours in our 450x450mm tile to suit all tastes. With a wider selection of custom colours made to order.

GTILE Granite PAving for rooftops & Balconies

Granite stone paving brings beauty and class to any outdoor space. It can be used to create paths, patios, outside dining areas, rooftops, and balconies. One of the biggest benefits of granite paving is it’s incredibly durable, has a long life span and can withstand constant movement, changes, weight and the elements. Granite being natural stone is also completely fireproof giving it a class A1 fire rating suitable for highrise and rooftop applications.

What Is Granite Paving?

Granite paving offers a tight-grained and evenly textured finish. The consistent thickness of the granite outdoor tiles matched with the brushed textured surface offers an anti-slip character to the stone that makes it ideal for most gardens and outdoor areas. If you’re looking for sheer durability and strength, nothing can compete with natural granite paving.

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